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22nd March 2019, Washington: An online pharmacy store SafeAbortionRx is creating a support platform for women who wish to end an unwanted early pregnancy. Medical abortion though not difficult, most women are found unaware of the procedure. The e-pharma-store helps women with their round the clock abortion care support. “The aim is to ensure women have access to safe abortion methods, and most importantly, undergo Medical abortion procedure safely.” Says the spokesperson of SafeAbortionRx team who reportedly offers Safe abortion pills Online for the medical abortion up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation.

The team primarily enables women to have a safe abortion with Abortion pills. It claims that their abortion pills are safe and effective for abortion procedures during early pregnancy. Women who have actually had an abortion using medication provided by SafeAbortionRx pharmacy revealed that they had a successful termination of pregnancy while thanking the website for their continuous web support throughout the process.

The web Abortion Pill Online USA store has a team of medical experts who guide women on administering and preparing part of medical pregnancy termination procedure. It additionally helps women to physically and emotionally heal from the procedure as soon as possible. The team aims to let women resume their regular life at the earliest. Though SafeAbortionRx provides healthcare advice to women for their medical abortion procedure, the website disclaims replacing their advice with a prescription. To buy abortion pills online from the website, women must have a prescription from a genuine health provider.

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